Build a Profitable Business Plan Seminar

What is this seminar all about?

Many Business Owners are often pushed into producing a Business Plan by the bank or some other interested party for finance purposes, but typically such plans are nothing like the reality of everyday working life. 

Neither do they produce the right results and so they get filed deep into the bottom office drawer and stay there never to be seen or used again. 

Even more Business Owners have never had a plan. 

However, there is always the nagging feeling, that a decent Business Plan would in fact produce a much better result in the business because it is pretty common knowledge that a great plan produces a great result whether its for work or sport, business or pleasure. 

So this seminar will simply show you how to make a useful Business Plan that produces profits for the business.

When: Monday, 20 February 2017 | 12:00pm to 1:30pm and Just $20


Business Coach Jules Radich.  

I get up every morning to influence achievement in Tradies and Makers so they can lead the life they've always wanted. After 40 years in business and 10 years of helping others achieve their goals, there's a world of experience to share so that you too can build a plan that takes you where you want to go


This Business Planning Seminar will be a fast-paced hour and a half of systems and strategy to enable you to make a plan that works. 

 1. You will learn why you actually need a strong, practical business plan if you want to grow, thrive or even survive in the current marketplace. We all know the world is changing, and a proper plan will have you looking forward to a bright future instead of looking back rueing what might have been. 

 2. You will discover what are the 7 Critical Factors your business plan needs to actually benefit your business. A lot of Business owners scrape by, barely growing or making progress, a workable plan will take where you want to go 

 3. You will find out how to get started - How can you gather the data required and go through the planning process in the most efficient way. You’ll discover the most effective way to get the details together and shape it all into a powerful plan for your future. 

Here's what some others have said...

"We have been regular attendees at Jules's Planning and have found it to be very beneficial to the growth of our business. It’s taught us a lot of business principles and has been money well spent." 

Chris & Adrienne Roy 

“I feel a lot better about the business. We’ve got a plan and are moving forward. It’s definitely a worthwhile thing."  

Kirsty McAnally

“This helps you make the time to think about the business. Things are only as good as you make them and this is an opportunity to make things happen."  

Steve Keogh


ActionCoach Otago Headquarters, 8 Jones Street, Dunedin Central 

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Phone: 03 477 1894