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Marketing for trades

Luckily most Tradies don’t need to market themselves because word of mouth does all the marketing they need. However if you find yourself in a bit of a downturn and things are a bit quiet around town, it probably doesn’t matter because you’ve got plenty of spare cash tucked away to tide you over, and […]

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Golden 1%

Did you know that a 1% change in the right areas can lead to a 24% increase in your business profitability? Here’s a 2 minute video to show you how. I hope that’s helpful to you, it sure has been to a lot of others…. Best Regards

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Wins from the Weather

It’s cold and wintery here and the ski fields are looking forward to a week of good snow falls to fully extend their skiable areas. The last 2 weeks have been the busiest time of the skiing year with NZ school holidays overlapping with Australian school holidays and some fields were packed with people but […]

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Are you making enough?

Are you making enough? Many tradies already know that they are not making enough from their business but the question is what to do about it. Often different types of jobs can produce very different profitability levels and by measuring the amount you make from the various types of job, it becomes much easier to […]

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In or Out of control?

Do you have control of your business or is it like a wild beast you are trying to ride and you’re not quite sure how long you can hang on for? It might be time to tighten your grip and get some reins on that critter! Once you get it pointing the right direction and […]

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